Fire And Safety Information For Visitors And Contractors

We are committed to the highest standards of safety for staff, tenants, visitors and contractors.  Therefore, please take a few minutes to review the information on this page and become familiar with the necessary emergency procedures.  Make sure that those you are working with also do the same for everybodies safety.  If you are unsure about any part of the informaiton, contact the office for help.

Emergency Assistance
If you require emergency assistance at any time, call our 24 hour emergency office number: 020 3020 2222 (press 9 after office hours) and the Emergency Services on 999 for a life threatening situation.


□ Unless specific arrangements have been made in advance, you will only be permitted in the property during normal working hours.
□ You must sign in on arrival (if applicable) on each and every day that you are there.
□ Wear your pass badge (ID) at all times while in the property.
□ Make contact with the tenant before visiting, to make suitable arrangements.
□ Before entering a property, check to see if the tenant is in prior to entering.
□ Only enter those areas and rooms that you are authorised to enter.
□ Obey the access signs displayed outside areas and rooms.
□ Only enter properties and buildings that you feel are safe to do so. If not safe, contact the office.
□ Do not interfere with or touch equipment you are not authorised to handle.
□ Ensure that you sign out (if applicable).
□ Please do not explore the building and/or properties.


For fire safety, know the location of:

- Your nearest fire alarm call point.
- Your nearest escape route.
- The fire assembly point.
- Your nearest fire extinguisher.

□ Do not move or obstruct fire extinguishers.
□ Do not cover or isolate any fire detector or sounder without prior authorisation.
□ Keep all communal areas and emergency exits clear and free from obstructions or trip hazards.
□ Do not store items behind doors.
□ Fire doors must not be propped or wedged open.

Fire Evacuation

□ If the alarm sounds, you must immediately evacuate the building.
□ Leave by the nearest fire exit.
□ Do not use the lift in the property.
□ Only use lifts if they are marked as fire safe, for the evacuation of disabled persons.
□ Do not stop to collect belongings.
□ Do not obstruct traffic near to the fire exits, keep to the pavements.
□ Report to the fire assembly point. These are stated on the ‘fire action’ signs in each building.
□ Report that you have evacuated to your host or to the fire warden in charge.
Do not re-enter the building until the ‘all clear’ is given by the fire warden or fire brigade.
□ If there is to be a fire alarm test taking place, you will be notified prior. The alarm will sound for up to 20 seconds. If it sounds for longer, treat it as a genuine fire alarm.

First Aid

• Do not hesitate to seek first aid if you suffer an injury or illness.
• First aid boxes are available in the office/store room in each building.
• In the event of serious injury or illness call us on 020 3020 2222 for assistance and 999 emergency services.


Some buildings may have parking areas.

□ Site speed limit is 5 mph.
□ Watch for cyclists and pedestrians.
□ Only park in designated areas.
□ Parking in unauthorised areas or without a valid permit will result in a parking fine.
□ Do not park in front of the building, you will be asked to move and may receive a parking fine.

Permits to Work

□ All persons working in the building must read and fully understand this document before start work.
□ Plan ahead and ensure the necessary permissions from either the office or tenants are in place.
□ Isolation Permission to Work is required from the office for work on the following systems: mechanical or electrical services, local exhaust ventilation systems, fume cupboards, building management systems, fire alarm systems and lifts.
□ Hazardous Activities Permission to Work is required for: hot works, confined spaces, access to roofs, excavations, asbestos and any work within or that will impact on a critical area.
□ If you have any questions concerning the permission needed to work then contact the office.
□ No works are to be carried out without permission to work from the office under any circumstances.

Waste Disposal

□ Before starting work ensure that appropriate disposal routes are in place for any waste that you produce as part of your work.
□ If you are a contractor you must remove your own rubbish from the building and leave the property clean and tidy.

Contact Information For The Office

Ambulance, Fire, Police call: 999 emergency services
Office 24 hour Emergency Number: 020 3020 2222 (then press 9)
General Office Enquiries: 020 3020 2222 or